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Ferocious rallies are the hallmark of bear markets.

No one knows until hindsight. I have noticed, however, that secondary indicators like the Svix.x, tick, trin, etc are helpful, but only a fool will call for a bottom without seeing sideways action and/or major capitulation first.

Let the talking heads on CNBC make their claims; for me the travel range offers unprecedented opportunities to make money in BOTH directions.

Remember Shawn and Nastia? Try to flow and be as flexible as they are when you are trading if you want to put the gold in your pocket.

Who cares if it is over or not; all we want to do is find the travel range, and catch a piece of the action.

Catching a falling safe, however, is another matter.

Trend traders will keep attacking the prevailing trend until it stops working. Jesse Livermore said it best; “The market is never too low to short or too high to buy.”

Play the trend until it stops working is my plan. how about you?

As Mark Twain would say, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”.


bull chases bear

bull chases bear


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